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PeaceTree.org was created to inspire planting seeds of peace in the hopes that one day a forest of peace will grow...;)

PeaceTree.org is a concept site created by Hidden Dragon Art to promote Peace and provide Artistry for the Soul through use of art and muses of positivity. It is dedicated to all the conceptual artists within us and most especially to Yoko Ono for creating the concept of a ladder to the ceiling and a word, one simple and powerful word...

The idea of PeaceTree is the belief that promoting peace through art and ideas we can grow goodness. Peace is possible, Peace happens, most of the world lives in Peace, we can incorporate Peace within and without ourselves and already do so more than many of us realize. It is simple, PEACE IS.
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we may be reached at peacetree@austin.rr.com for any inquires ;)
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